Version [12/3/17]

This is a quick update but it adds a lot!

- New battle sprite for all orcs

- Skeletons, mimics, Hawkens, Necromancer, Orclak, King Bones, Armoured Skeleton, Slime, Mace Man, Kobolds, Bats, Bugs, Aliens, and other enemies are now animated in combat.

- New Icons

- New Sound Effects

- Quest Log Added

- Quest Tracker Added

- Guard House in Flussville Added [Work In Progress]

- New Sword Animations

- Enemies [Skeletons Currently] Now Use Weapons in combat

- Several Quests Added

- New NPC in Daylight Village

- Collision Fixes for Water on Runner's Trail & Stone in Coastal Woods

- Battle Animations fixed for King Bones

- Spelling Error Fixes

- New Title Screen

- Instant Attacks Added

- Passive Buffs Added [Can't Get Yet]

- New Menu UI

- Profile for each character

- AoE Spells Added. Currently only one [Volley]

- Some spells now cost items. [Throw Bone costs 1 Bone to use and so on]

This will lead to classes such as an Enchanter and Alchemists and so on

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