Due to various changes and additions the game's file size has increased even more! Sorry for the long download.

- Soldier Class added [work in progress]

- Damage on several spells / skills have been fixed. 

- Daylight Castle Added

- Daylight Tunnels Added

- Daylight Tunnels 2 Added

- New Crafting Items

- New Items

- New Weapons

- New Armour

- Music For Flussville Caverns Changed

- New Game Over Sound Effect

- New Victory Sound Effect

- Daylight Mines Entrance Remade

- Items that have no effect / use in combat no longer show up in the ITEMS category during a fight.

- Daylight Tunnels 3 Added

- Daylight Mines  Remade

- New NPCs added

- Various Battle Bug Fixes

- Increased durability on some weapons

- New Weapon Type: Other

- Each Class Now Has Resistance To Some Magic Types

- New Music Added

Storyline Updates

- Daylight Castle has some information about Daylight Village's past.

- New Introduction

- Remade Characters

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