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A heavy work-in-progress RPG game.

The current game has two dungeons to explore, one of which is quite large, as well as the woods with a bunch of orcs. It has two towns to check out and a few boss fights to win. It'll give you the rough idea of what the game is about and it'll allow me to see if people like it.

Main Features / Features To Come

- A large storyline

- Side storylines

- Crafting system

- Housing system

- Forming an army to fight enemies

- Dungeon crawling

- Relationships / friendships

- Managing your own kingdom

- Rise from no one to a king.

- Class / Skill system

- Large variety of classes to chose from

- A large and entertaining world

Hidden Kingdom will feature a main-storyline and a many side-quests to go with it.

Players will have to crawl through dungeons or fight their way through orc-infested woods as they try to travel to new towns and cities to uncover more of the storyline. They can make friends on the way though, slowly forming a large army to defend the 'hidden kingdom'.

This game will take a long while to finish. I will be posting updates over time to the game on Itch.io with plans to later bring this game to steam.

The main focus right now is to get the world set up and to get dungeons in place. The more advance features, such as relationships, will come in time. 


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You can name a character in the game after yourself or someone, as long as the name is appropriate. 

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You can name a location after yourself. 

For example: "Tony's Castle" "Troy's Passing" "Carlton Village" 

As long as the name is appropriate.

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